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It is a special fruit identified with figs, announcing the name of Aydin and reaching the highest quality especially in our country. The fig is also a valuable fruit mentioned in our sacred book (TIN SURESI 95. AYET). The fact that the figs we have grown in this month are of such high quality and the interest in the fruit of the Kur-an-Kerim, which Allah sent us, created us with the idea that it could be a very different secret in the fig. In our research studies, we managed to separate the pear from the pearl core and then squeezed the fig kernel oil with the cold press method. We felt the smell of fish oil during the oil squeezing. We thought that oil could possibly be Omega oils, we measured the values ​​of the fat in Ege University and the result was great. Fig. 40% Omega 3, 30% Omega 6, and 17% Omega 9 had oil in the fig kernel oil. he was hidden in the pure fig fig core. Then the measurements of the other values ​​were made and a beautiful result came from here. In addition to the omega acids, fig kernel oil contained 404 mg of vitamin E in total. These results have been proven with our Ege University reports. Nowadays, the results are compared with the fig seeds in terms of both Omega and Vitamin E with some important oils.
Ersin Tarim Urunleri Tic. San. Ve Ihr. Ltd. Sti., one of the most important and experienced company which was established in 1988, has been in pulses sector since 1967. Since its inception, Ersin Tarim is one of the most important manufacturer companies in pulses sector. Our company is located in Mersin, Turkey which is one of the most important logisctical stations of the world. Ersin Tarim facilities are located 5 kilometers away from the Port of Mersin which is Turkey's largest port for the export of agricultural and food products. The warehouses are located in a 10,000 square meters, are also available 10,000 metric tons of horizontal storage capacity. Ersin Tarim is also equipped with modern and high-tech cleaning, peeling, sifting, splitting, and electronic colour sorting facilities with a processing capacity of 100.000 metric tons per year. Our location provides logistical advantages in sea and land connections for the shipment of products to the global markets like Middle East, Gulf Countries, North Africa, Asia, Europe, America, and Far East.
Orhan, Ahmet and Ismail Asgin Brothers established Aspa Market Zahire Maden Besi Deri Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi in 1996. In the first years, only the trading popped poppy was made, then the screening and crushing system was established and the manufacturing process was started. With 5 years of R & D work, Hashasella was developed and presented to the market. We are continuing our work with 30 staff on 2000 m2 closed area. Our aim is to make use of poppy in our different areas to create more employment and promote it to the world.
We are a food company in Gaziantep, Turkey. Since 1933 we produce all kinds of nuts, corn chips and coffee. We export our products to Europe, Middle East and America.
Our company was founded in 2012 in Nigde Center under the name of Selanik Tohumculuk Livestock, Agriculture, Transportation, Transportation, Construction, Tahaattut, Sanayi Ticaret Limited Sirketi. Our company being a pioneer in the position of being the target of the seed potato sector in Turkey operates on average 1000 decares of planting area with 4000 tons of potatoes, 500 decares of planting area of ​​3000 tons of edible potatoes, 300 decares of planting area of ​​1500 tons of industrial potatoes with a production capacity of 8500 tons of potato production and 5000 tons of capacity of potato storage.
We are producing the most delicious and qualified chickpeas in Turkey. **The most delicious and highest quality, because;** We are actually **chickpea seed** producers. We produce the best seeds and give them our farmers for planting. We process and package their products. In this way we can produce higher quality **chickpea for food** more than companies which are collecting and putting together lots of type and variable qualities of chickpeas. As a result we have high quality and delicious; **1. Chickpeas for food,** **2. Chickpea seeds,** We are ready for exporting in reasonable conditions.
Yumurtacilar is a family company, it was founded in the 1951 by our grandfather and is now operated by the second and third generation. First started business in fleece wool, Yumurtacilar company now operates in international trade of many different commodities; such as poppy seeds, cumin and anise. Our company has been the greatest exporter in many years. It has been awarded the prize of greatest exporter in the Aegean of Turkey for agricultural products. It was awarded in the year 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2013 for the greatest exporter in the agricultural export. Our capacity and actual export exceeds 10,000 metric tonnes per annum. Yumurtacilar company promises to provide the highest quality to its customers at competitive prices. From purchasing the crop from the farmers to processing and packing of the final product, every process is operated by our family members with great emphasis on the quality. Benefitting from the state-of-art technology of the sortex machinery, our product is wantedby many customers in the Indian and European market. Our facilities and products are certified by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) according to the corresponding standards. Our facilities also are certified according to the ISO-9001 quality management system. We aim to continue our business by cooperating with our respectable customers and provide the best service to them without compromising on our quality standards. Our vision is to help the Turkish crops be renowned product and in the world. YUMURTACILAR Powered by the trust of its customers.
Desirous of entering in to business relations with your esteemed company, we take the liberty of submitting to you our offers and services. With this successful operations since the foundation, it has become one of the leading company in Turkey, specializing in the manufacturing and export of seeds, spices and herbs. Our company aim is to supply the best quality to our customers and we are able to offer our products ready for human consumption. Our reputation must be with our excellent quality.
ATESLER was laid in 1978 under the name of ATESLER. ATESLER Petrol (Oil Company) went into operation in 1991, and opened its second branch in 2004. Ali ATES, one of the company partners, founded the sibling firm ATESLER Bakliyat (Legumes Company), and commenced the legume and grain screening and packaging activities on a 3500-squaremeter covered area in 2006. This plant, located in the centrum of Tarsus, has been feeling the enthusiasm of being the first in the legume and grain screening and packaging activities in Tarsus, and of bringing such plant to the county. Although ATESLER Bakliyat is a young company, it has reached the position to compete with the major legumes firms from production to sales under the ISO conditions. The fundamental philosophy of ATESLER Bakliyat is "Quality, first and always...". All the technological developments in production and equipment pool have been followed closely in order to realize a quality production, and maintain such production without compromising its sense of quality in anyway. ATESLER Bakliyat has not only been investing in the cutting-edge technology, but has also been carrying out the continuous replacement and modernization works to accommodate to changing domestic and foreign market conditions. Making use of its knowledge and experience, Atesler Bakliyat has also been maintaining its organic farming practices as one the leading Turkish companies in this field. And We are supplying 30-35% popcorn grain demand of TURKEY and exporting to Middle east,Arab,European union and Asia countries As ATESLER POPCORN Brand. We are Popcorn Hybrid seeds distributor In Turkey and Ukraine.
Our Company was established in August 2007 by CEO Mohammed Zakir KHAN in the city of Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî in Konya. Our company's main mission is; food, pulses, oilseeds, animal feed and spices a